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VIU Edge GCAM Pro 
CCTV kit and AIS140 certified GPS kit For School Bus / Trucks

CCTV & GPS Combo Kit :  Model No : MD219 & Wetrack140/800

(SIM Card & SD Memory Card Not included)

Rs.23990 + 18% GST

Rugged Metal body specially made for buses  / Trucks / Cars CCTV & GPS live

on your Mobile phone or Desktop / Laptop 

VIU Edge GCam Pro School Bus / Truck / Car 
CCTV Car / School Bus / College BUS / Truck 
(SIM Card & SD Memory Card Not included) AIS140 Certified GPS Kit
Model No MID219Model No : Wetrack140/800 
Rugged Metal body specially made for buses  / Trucks / Cars CCTV live on your Mobile phone or Desktop / Laptop
The GPS has been approved by ARAI and has AIS140 Certificate by Govt of India Road Transport Authority.
1.    The bus CCTV will have 2 nos of  2 MP cameras with night vision.1 The GPS device is capable of obtaining information using Global Navigation Satellite 
2.    The cameras will be fixed in the middle of the bus,     System (GNSS), including support for GAGAN, the Indian satellite-based 
3.    The Front camera will have vision of front half seats, front gate of the bus      augmentation system
       with driver and vision of the road.2. It support 4 digital, 2 analogue and 1 serial communication for interfacing
4.    The rear camera will have the vision of back half seats and back gate of    external systems (for instance emergency request button interfacing).
       the bus with back road view.3. It has the capability to transmit data to the back end control server
5.    The live vision of both camera’s will be transmitted by a SIM card (3g / 4G     (government authorized ) using a GSM/GPRS network. 
       with daily 2 GB internet data - which has to be provided by the school or 4. It has transmitted data to two different IP addresses (minimum) and additional 
       can be purchased for us at extra cost) and can be viewed by Head master      one IP address for emergency response system. It has an emergency/panic 
       and or correspondent on his mobile phone ( in total 5 login will be given as     button that transmits alert (once pressed) to the configured IP address(s) .
       free to view live vision) also at school premises by school desktop / laptop.5. The device has an internal power backup of min four hours
6.   The live vision will be stored on a SD card ( max 128 GB  which has to be 6. The device has support storage and forwarding mechanism for all types of data
       provided by the school or can be purchased for us at extra cost)                   7. It has a unique identification for the device and data, vehicle registration details
7.    SD card will have the capacity of 128 GB which will record upto 75 days and 8.The device will have Two embedded SIM card
      transferred to DVR/ computer at school.9. The Device has hanging reachable emergency/panic button
8.   All the 75 days recordings of bus records can be viewed any time which       that can only be deactivated by authorized government server.
      stored on cloud at extra cost 10. In case there is no reception (GSM and GPRS), the alert will be stored in the device 
9.  Driver activity        and as soon as the network becomes available the device will need to be able to 
10. Optional Remote hand set to transmit data to school PC        send the information on high priority to the configured addresses.
11. Upto 4 camera options11. Geo Fencing -  the GPS will alert once the bus deviates its pre allotted route.

FREE Delivery, Free Installation, One year warranty, FREE software for both CCTV and GPS Android app and Desktop

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